Fierce Pretty Things (Indiana University Press)

“Metamorphosis” in Booth (Oct 2023)
“Invisibilia” in The Iowa Review (forthcoming)
“The Animals” in Bennington Review (forthcoming)
“The Long Shadows” in Ninth Letter (Vol. 18.2, 2021)
“Homecoming” in The Westchester Review (Fall/Winter 2021)
“Disappearing Act” in Colorado Review (Vol. 48.2, 2021)
“Heart of Gold” in Carve (Spring 2019)
“Scarecrows” in Ninth Letter (Vol. 15.2, 2018)
“Fierce Pretty Things” in Indiana Review (Iss. 40.2, 2018)
“River Oaks” in Numero Cinq (2017)
“Fraternalia” in Tin House Online (2016)
“Hildy” in Masters Review (Sept. 2015)
“The Magnificents” in Cincinnati Review (Iss. 12.1, 2015)
“The Dogs of Babel” in Arcadia (Iss. 9.3, 2015)
“Xiomara” in Booth (Vol. 9, 2015)
“Temple & Vine” in Bellingham Review (Iss. 70, 2015)
“American Rag Story” in Conium Review (Vol. 3, 2014)
“Bandana” in Willow Springs (Iss. 74, 2014)
“Grandfather Vampire” in Emrys Journal (Vol. 31, 2014), Broad River Review (2014)
“Jellyfish” in Quarter After Eight (Vol. 20, 2014)
“Second Memory of Pterodactyl” in Digital Americana (Winter, 2014)
“Ghosts” in Storm Cellar (Vol. III:2, 2014)
“Oblique” in Bartleby Snopes (2014)
“The Savage Angels” in ARDOR (Iss. 3, 2013)
“Daphne Alluvia” in Ampersand Review (2012)
“Twisted” in Atticus Review (2012)


“Playful, Dark, and Wild: Exploring the Adolescent Narrator in Adult Fiction” in The Writer’s Chronicle (AWP) (Feb 2019)


“Rules for Telling a Ghost Story” in Worcester Review (Vol. 35, 2014)
“A History” in Chagrin River Review (2013)
“Valediction” in Petrichor Machine (2011)
“Closing” in Petrichor Machine (2011)
“Liminal” in Petrichor Machine (2011)

Honors & Awards

Best American Short Stories 2021 Distinguished Story (“Disappearing Act”)
Ninth Letter Literary Awards, 2021 (“The Long Shadows”)
Carve Magazine Prose & Poetry Contest, 2019 (“Heart of Gold”)
Best American Short Stories 2019 Distinguished Story (“Fierce Pretty Things”)
Blue Light Books Prize, 2018 (Fierce Pretty Things)
Indiana Review Fiction Prize, 2017 (“Fierce Pretty Things”)
Masters Review Short Story Contest, 2015 (“Hildy”)
Robert and Adele Schiff Award in Fiction, 2014 (“The Magnificents”)
Tobias Wolff Award in Fiction, 2015 (“Temple & Vine”)
Arcadia Short Story Contest, 2014 (“The Dogs of Babel”)
Innovative Short Fiction Prize, 2014 (“American Rag Story”)
Willow Springs Fiction Prize, 2014 (“Bandana”)
Robert J. DeMott Award for Short Prose, 2014 (“Jellyfish”)
501-Word Story Contest, 2014 (“Second Memory of Pterodactyl”)
Rash Award in Fiction, 2013 (“Grandfather Vampire”)


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