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Ninth Letter Literary Awards – The Long Shadows

Some (actual) news, and good news too. My story “The Long Shadows” was picked as the winner of the Ninth Letter Literary Award in Fiction. I’ve struggled more often in the last 2 years with leaving things unfinished, and this was one of those things. I can’t really blame the pandemic and last year’s election chaos because I know it’s mostly just me, but those...

Cincinnati Review Contest

Just learned that my story “The Magnificents” was selected as the prose winner for this year’s Cincinnati Review/Robert and Adele Schiff Awards.   Wonderful to win, but I’m also just happy the story will have a good home.  A great publication. The blog post about it is here:  (Also glad the editors didn’t find the story too bleak.  My...

Pterodactyls and Vonnegut, images and text

My daughter is reading Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan, and yesterday I was telling her about how I can still remember this specific page in the book, how it’s one of those passages that has stayed with me forever.   Partly that’s because the word “UNK” was scrawled in hand-written form about halfway down the page, and partly it’s because of what that...


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