Colorado Review – Disappearing Act

This was different for me. I tend to write darker stuff, and often less-than-realistic stuff (“heightened reality” as one of my MFA advisors called it, maybe? as a compliment). This is something small and quiet and based very much on the place in New Jersey where I grew up. Love Colorado Review and happy to be a part of the issue with so many standout stories (and poems — I...

Pterodactyls and Vonnegut, images and text

My daughter is reading Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan, and yesterday I was telling her about how I can still remember this specific page in the book, how it’s one of those passages that has stayed with me forever.   Partly that’s because the word “UNK” was scrawled in hand-written form about halfway down the page, and partly it’s because of what that...


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