New story in Booth

One of those stories that took a little while to land somewhere. Happy to see it in Booth, which also published my story “Xiomara” almost a decade ago.


Colorado Review – Disappearing Act

This was different for me. I tend to write darker stuff, and often less-than-realistic stuff (“heightened reality” as one of my MFA advisors called it, maybe? as a compliment). This is something small and quiet and based very much on the place in New Jersey where I grew up. Love Colorado Review and happy to be a part of the issue with so many standout stories (and poems — I...

Four Years Pass

Here’s a three-word sentence from Philip Roth’s American Pastoral that has always stuck with me: Five years pass. He opens several sections with it. This comes after we find out that Swede Levov’s teenage daughter has just murdered a bystander while setting off a bomb at their hometown post office. The line doesn’t jump things forward, though. It stops you when you first...

Ninth Letter Literary Awards – The Long Shadows

Some (actual) news, and good news too. My story “The Long Shadows” was picked as the winner of the Ninth Letter Literary Award in Fiction. I’ve struggled more often in the last 2 years with leaving things unfinished, and this was one of those things. I can’t really blame the pandemic and last year’s election chaos because I know it’s mostly just me, but those...

Cincinnati Review Contest

Just learned that my story “The Magnificents” was selected as the prose winner for this year’s Cincinnati Review/Robert and Adele Schiff Awards.   Wonderful to win, but I’m also just happy the story will have a good home.  A great publication. The blog post about it is here:  (Also glad the editors didn’t find the story too bleak.  My...


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